Welcome to Toastmasters Polska SA!

At 25th of November 2015 there was election for new board members at Toastmaster Polska SA. There was a fierce competition which included a lot of inspiring and persuading candidates’ orations. Additionally club members had opportunity to express their endorsement to the specific candidate by support speeches.

Finally with votes of our club members and few coin flips we had chosen new club officers!

Members of the new board:

  • President:                    Krisitina Jonkuviene
  • VP Education:            Alicja Lipińska
  • VP Membership:        Jacek Wabik
  • VP PR:                          Patryk Celiński
  • Secretary:                    Monika Chrobak-Budzińska
  • Treasurer:                    Lucia Soto
  • Sergeant at Arms:      Vitalii Moshnikov



Now in 2016 after long Christmas break new board gained authority. After official officers’ training and strategic session, you can be sure, they are well trained and prepared. New board has reviewed club’s mission, vision and prepared action plan how to make our club even more open and cozy place for those who want to develop in area of public speaking and leadership.

They will hold their positions and serve the club till next election in June 2016.