Do you wonder how does our meeting look like?

  • Every meeting lasts two hours and has an agenda.
  • There are many presenters during the meeting.
  • Look at the list below and after that look at the agenda which is above the list.

Download agenda example of Poland’s First Toastmasters: Agenda – 27.06.2019

Toastmaster hosts the show. This presenter picks the theme of the meeting in advance and has several opportunities to speak on it throughout. The host of the meeting also introduces various other members in their roles during the meeting.


Usually, there are three speakers at each meeting. They present the prepared speech on any topic, last from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the project. Speech typically has a focus, be it body language, vocal variety, entertainment value, persuasive aim, etc. The first speech any member gives is an Icebreaker, when speakers simply introduce theirselves to the other members.


Each speaker has an evaluator. An evaluator before the speech presents the speaker and the objectives of a given project. Near the end of the meeting, an evaluator delivers feedback to the speaker by expressing an opinion on the speech which includes proposals of improvement.

Table Topics Master

This presenter picks people from the audience to give short, impromptu speeches. Table Topic Master usually has a list of questions/topics prepared in advance. The participant will have to stand and try to give a confident, well-spoken response lasting at least one minute.

Exemplary topic:
“Last night I had a dream about a monkey sitting on a chair singing Back In Black by AC DC. Tell us about a strange dream you’ve had recently.”

General Evaluator

General Evaluator leads the evaluation team, introducing them at the beginning of each meeting and calling them for reports at the end. This presenter wraps up by giving general thoughts on the meeting and also evaluates all functionaries, noting remarkable things and offering suggestions to improve future meetings.


The Timer keeps track of how long everyone speaks for and uses flags (green, amber and red) so speakers know when they reach minimum, optimal and maximum time of their presentations.


Grammarian takes care about of the language used during the meeting. This functionary notes interesting and inappropriate uses of grammar and proposes the word of the day (by encouraging the participants to use it as often as possible).

Ah Counter

Ah counter keeps track of any filler words (ah, um, you know, etc.) used by the speakers, by ringing at a special instrument.

Guest host

The Guest host takes care of the guests present at the meeting. You may ask this member any question concerning the Club and the membership in Toastmasters.

PR support

PR support acts as paparazzi, taking photos during meetings and then, preparing a short report to be published on the Facebook profile of the Club.