Hall of fame is a new idea which should help our club to respect the heritage.
The heritage of executive committee members’ knowledge.

We also want to show you our effort!

After 24 years (seasons) of our club’s life, we actually don’t know anything about the way of thinking of our Toastmasters predecessors from 1994 (season 01).
That is why we would like to start it now, in 2018 (season 25)
One year before our 25th anniversary!

Let the chronicle begin!

The Executive committee of Toastmasters Polska SA, S25E02

Executive committee members
January – June (Episode 02)
Season 25

Jakub Niegłos

Vice President of Education
Piotr Michałowski

Vice President of Membership
Leszek Tomaszewski

Vice President of Public Relations/Treasurer
Joanna Poznalska

Konrad Zalewski

Team achievements during the term:

Co-organizers of the meeting with international president Balraj Arunasalam
1 Talk Up Toastmasters! (reward) + 5 new members in one month!
4 people every committee member had befriended
10 new members in our club (net growth)
23 meetings organized
76 functions taken
97 attendance clicks
(all data comes from EasySpeak system)

which means that our committee members’ average attendance was 84% and our average functions taking ratio was 78%!
(we don’t count the elections meeting nor the function of the president/club business announcements)

We hope that our successors will be able to beat these records!

Toastmasters Committee

Personal achievements (left to right):

Piotr Michałowski
  • Triple Crown Award
    3 paths, 6 months, 24 projects
  • 3rd place in both area contests (speech and evaluation)
  • Attended 100% meetings
  • Toastmaster of February
  • Table topics – most sucessful table topics speaker during club meetings in S25E02
  • Put the focus on reserve speakers as the Vice President of Education
  • Organized spring speech marathon
  • Chair of the membership campaign – encouraging people to sign attendence in EasySpeak (with rewards)
    Set the deadline for attendance confirmation and rewarded members who did it, during meetings
  • The originator of intro meeting for newcomers a
    workshop which helped new members to understand the principles of being a member of our organization
Jakub Niegłos
  • Triple Crown Award
    3 paths, 6 months, 24 projects
  • Webmaster – built Toastmasters Polska SA website
  • Donator – donated camera and laptop for the use of the club
  • Club sponsor – managed all the preparations for Credit Suisse Toastmasters club launch (with Elena Pawęta and mentors)
  • Hall of Fame originator – way of rewarding the effort and recording the history
  • Co-creator of Role Instructions 2018 the
    PDF file with the most useful hints to fulfill the roles correctly, based on natural observations
  • Switch meeting creator – a first meeting where all functionaries were chosen 10 min before the meeting – in order to show members that it is not so hard to take roles
  • Conscious elections system – candidates were chosen before the elections and their will to become the committee members was reinforced,
    every potential committee member was proposed the exact position in the committee based on personality traits (maximum seven candidates – one for each position),
    the chosen candidates won the elections two times so far (all who were encouraged before the elections, became the committee members)
  • Pairing the committee – President and VPE, VPM and Treasurer, VPPR and Secretary – simplifying the communication in the committee
  • Reverse decision making system – pairs mentioned above decide about their areas of duty and when people in any pair agree, then we have a committee decision
    (the decision can be cancelled only by the majority vote of all committee members) – it provided faster decisions without waiting for response
  • Shared Club Business role – all members of executive committee have to be visible and respected in the club
  • Created (guest host&camera operator) role which helped in converting guests to members
Joanna Poznalska
    • Triple Crown Award
      3 paths, 6 months, 24 projects
    • Mentor of Credit Suisse club
    • Creator of supportive posters for members of the club participating in the area level contests
    • Leader of successful renewal campaign in March 2018,
      43 out of 51 members renewed their membership,
      prepared handmade and cost-free (except her time and work) gifts for early birds
    • Author of the letter of gratitude to major of Żoliborz with the aim to arrange Fort Sokolnickiego as the permanent venue of the Club
  • The main organizer of Corpus Christi Retreat in 2018
    1 place – Augustów
    2 assistants
    3 months of preparation
    4 days of the event
    50 participants
  • Creator of PR support role which helped in regular facebook updates
  • Originator of the idea of creating the file with photos of current mentors which helps newcomers to recognize the person they wish to ask for mentoring
  • Creator of the google account (TmPolskaSa@gmail.com) and google drive with club’s resources (for example role instructions, starter kits, manuals)
Leszek Tomaszewski
  • Transport manager during CCR 2018
  • Successfully proceeded 19 new members!
  • Camera tripod purchase
  • Donator of leather suitcase for laptop
  • Monitoring of Guest Host role as the Vice President of Membership
  • The initiative of “English only – rule” which means that members should not communicate in Polish during meetings and afterparties without any exception
Konrad Zalewski
  • Toastmaster of April
  • Mentor of Credit Suisse club
  • Alternative venue organizer (Kawiarnia Księgarnia Radio Telewizja, Państwomiasto)
  • Co-organizer of CCR 2018 as a person responsible for agenda and workshops
  • Club’s physical activity master
    “Figle migle na lodzie” (ice skating on National Stadium with Antoni Jakubowski)
    Polar bear plunges
    Morning runs at CCR
    Oshee run
  • Co-creator of Role Instructions 2018 a
    PDF file with most useful hints to fulfill the roles correctly, based on natural observations
  • Creator of summaries of the executive committee achievements (shared via e-mail with the club)
    It helps members to understand the effort of executive committee and enhances the focus on communication in the club