Piotr Michalowski – President

“Toastmasters – an environment, where one can grow, make connections with great people, and afford to learn from making mistakes under relatively safe conditions. In the beginning, for me, there was a need in professional life of improving public speaking skills, then I got to know the people and the community grew on me.”

Hobby: Polar bear plunging, avocados, video games, house music, sports.
Life values: striving to be all you can be.

Akbota Sabetova – VP Education

“Toastmasters for me is a place where you are always welcomed. Whatever happens in your life, in whatever place in the world you are, you can come to the club have fun, get support and grow. Before joining Toastmasters in 2016 I was really inspired by a member of my club in Kazakhstan Indira. She invited me to the club and introduced the whole idea. Now she’s DTM. This is a living example that motivates me a lot.”

Hobby: traveling, learning languages and watching TV series.
Life values: honesty, strive for self-development and sense of humur.

Bernard van der Esch – VP Membership

“The Toastmaster is someone obligated, to be as good leader as possible. Someone who will always try to make his best, while preparing for the speech. Being a Toastmaster means to always improve your skills. It’s a great opportunity to work on my skills with other club members and also the possibility to get in touch with engaged active people”.

Hobby: I really like to play badminton. In free time I am creating new cocktails.
Life values: I really believe in the power of knowledge and I admire effective altruism movement.

Roman Mukhovskyi – VP Public Relations

“Open-minded people, sincere talks and continuous work on self-development – it’s all about Toastmasters. It’s not just community where I can learn something, but teach others as well. It helps me to manage my time and face to the fear of public speaking in a foreign language. If you have deep knowledge of something but don’t know how to present it, just join that amazing organizing.”

Hobby: reading, swimming, photography
Life Values: be always honest and analyze information

Mohammad Shalaby – Secretary

“Toastmasters is a perfect media to grow and make great friends. The skills included in pathways along with the friendly environment and on target, feedback makes the way for a great learning experience. That organization helps up my public speaking skills, help others through public speaking and coaching, and of course share my stories every now and then. I believe in human ability and kindness. The more caring, passionate, and supportive we are towards each other the better place this world will be.”

Hobby: motorcycles, Horses, Drones
Life Values: be yourself and help others- all the way

Marta Dux – Sergeant at Arms

“Toastmasters – is self-development, struggling with my own limitations and meeting new people. My motivation? – Taking part in something valuable especially membership in the international organization and willingness to improve interpersonal communication.”

Hobby: horse riding, listening to classical music, theatre, batrachology, hippology.
Life values: friends & family, a healthy lifestyle.